Rising Gael

A multi award winning group with international reach and stories gives its hometown a chance to see them.........click for more info and videos

Performance Time: To Be Announced.

About Rising Gael

Multi award winning, Grammy nominated, repeat awardees for Celtic Radio, Rising Gael returns to Madison Irish Fest in 2023. In 2022, along with the Bow Tides, Rising Gael made the Top 20 for Celtic Songs and Tunes on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Since these former Irish dancers and Feis competition musicians formed this band in their early to mid teens in 2004, Rising Gael has entertained audiences of all ages across the US, in performances in Europe and digitally, with their five albums, in 91 countries across multiple continents.  They have fielded personal requests for their music from Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Hebrides and once were informed their CD’s were the most often requested music for the US Embassy Staff cars in Honduras!

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